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We don't offer product samples, but we offer any specification information regarding to our frequency inverter and elevator controller products to ensure customer convenience. On some special occasions, we may receive small orders if clients pay first.

Usually, we deliver goods in 2 to 4 weeks after clients confirm the order, sign the purchase contract, and pay for the order. However, the actual delivery time varies with order quantity and product type. We at STEP will responsible for any problem occurred during the period.

We provide our frequency inverter and elevator controller with one year warranty from date we ship the goods. If there is any quality problem found while checking the goods, the client has to send us feedback in written form in one month from the date we deliver the goods. Or else, we may consider that clients have received complete qualified goods. For customers' convenience, we also offer product maintenance guidance and technical consultant services as well as new product usage training and testing and commissioning services.

During warranty period, we at STEP are responsible for any natural quality problems and the transportation charge from STEP to the client. But, STEP and the client have to pay the taxes caused by goods import and export in their location respectively, and the client should determine the transportation method. As for quality problems caused by improper use, we will not responsible for the transportation charge and we can decide the transportation method. As for non-warranted quality problems, we will collect the corresponding maintenance charge and the client has to pay all other related charges.

We can also offer OEM service.