Energy Regenerator

1. Our energy regenerator adopts high speed DSP chips to monitor the power grid voltage. Thus this product is of high efficiency and has small feedback impact on the power grid. It is a product conforming to the national and industrial standards.

2. Phase amplitude control algorithm and PWM technology are employed in this energy regeneration device.

3. IGBT high-speed switch components ensure less switch loss and high operation efficiency.

4. The current fed back to the power grid comes with sine waveform and the current total harmonic distortion is less than 5%.

5. Power factor of the grid-side current is adjustable and the current feedback interconnection device of the energy regenerator is able to work with negative power factor.

6. Our energy regeneration equipment can work without a dedicated transformer, thus it is applicable for various places.

7. This product does not need a braking chopper and is allowed to be assembled with a braking resistor to improve operation safety.

8. Our energy reproducing equipment adopts a dedicated electric reactor with highly impact resistance, low iron core loss and long service life.

9. With ideal current source property, the control system is easy to be formed into a multi-unit parallel arrangement to facilitate energy regeneration.

10. The energy regenerator we produce is designed with multiple protection functions such as over current protection, short circuit protection, over temperature protection and abnormal power grid voltage protection.

11. With swift dynamic response, this energy regenerating device can output large current in a short period of time.

12. Long-lifespan ball bearing fans for forced air cooling are employed in our product to allow the whole device to have a low working temperature and high working efficiency.

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      AS320 elevator inverter is a kind of newly developed frequency inverter especially for elevators. It is designed with 32-bit MPU for motor driving, high performance complex programmable logic device (CPLD), and advanced power module. Meanwhile, the elevator inverter is designed based on international advanced closed loop vector control technology and supports various control modes including V/F control, sensorless vector control, and torque control modes. Integrating the characteristics of potential energy load, the elevator inverter allows elevators to operate efficiently, smoothly and steadily, and offers passengers a comfortable feeling.

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