SCARA Robots

    1. SCARA Robot AR SeriesAR series SCARA robot features compact structure, flexible design, fast running speed, high transmission precision, low noise, etc. Integrated control system ADTECH QC400A/QC410B is applied, multiple communication protocols are supported.
    1. SCARA Robot FR SeriesFR series SCARA robot applies suspended structure, in which the walking axis is designed above the machine tool, the robot thus needs less ground area for installation. Besides, attributed to the suspended structure, the robot is suitable for deployment that...
    1. SCARA Robot for Screw Locking PR5216SPR5216S SCARA robot is specially designed for screw locking, of which the processing issues including locking failure, loose thread, unmatched driving torque, etc. are solved. The SCARA robot for screw locking is offered with optional ...
    1. SCARA Robot for Screw Locking PTR5512PTR5512 SCARA robot for screw locking applies three-axis structure, features high speed and high performance, is widely applied for screw locking processes in manufacturing of 3C electronics, toys, home appliances, etc.

STEP has been developing and manufacturing SCARA robots for decades, our SCARA robots are widely applied in industries including 3C electronics, home appliances, auto parts, medical devices, etc. STEP SCARA robot performs well at high degree of freedom, arm length ranging from 300mm to 1000mm; rated load capacity 2KG, 5KG and 10KG for different models. The SCARA robot is able for various works by attaching different functional modules, featuring low inertia, high rigidity, fast speed, high precision, low cost, etc.

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