Industrial Robots

    1. Robotic Welding SystemSA series robotic welding system features compact size and light weight, offering stable and high-precision performance, which is an ideal choice for arc welding jobs. The robot performs arc welding with highly accurate welding path and short welding cycle time ...
    1. Robotic Palletizing SystemSP series robotic palletizing system is designed with 4-axis, featuring simple structure, and low failure rate. With novel technology and outstanding design, the robot system is granted good user-friendliness, low energy consumption and low area occupation.
    1. Robotic Loading and Unloading SystemSR series robotic loading and unloading system features compact structure and stable performance. With high-precision reducer equipped in all joints, the rotating arm is allowed to perform flexible and fast works within limited space.
    1. Robotic Bending SystemSR60-90/2280B robotic bending system is specially designed with high speed, assuring fast and stable bending performance. 60kg/90kg load-weight options are supported, maximum working radius is up to 2,281mm, granting wide application range for the robotic bending system.
    1. SCARA RobotsSTEP has been developing and manufacturing SCARA robots for decades, our SCARA robots are widely applied in industries including 3C electronics, home appliances, auto parts, medical devices, etc.
    1. SCARA Robot ControllerSTEP offers SCARA robot controller with controlling and driving functions integrated, with novel technologies and various functions applied, providing good robot control efficiency and stability.

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