Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

    1. Low Voltage VFD/InverterSTEP AS series low-voltage VFD / inverter is available in various types that can fit a variety of applications and satisfy users' specific needs. These low-voltage drives are featured by excellent performance, multiple functions, ease of use and high reliability.
    1. Medium Voltage VFD/InverterME800 series medium voltage variable frequency drive is a medium-voltage voltage-source inverter designed and manufactured by STEP Electric Corporation, which integrates world's advanced power electronic technology and vector control technology.
    1. Integrated Pump VFD/InverterAS170 series variable frequency drive is a 400V (380V-460V) universal motor integrated VFD, which is suitable for three-phase AC asynchronous motors with capacity of 1.5-15kW. Through the redesign of the overall appearance and structure, the perfect match between motor and VFD is achieved.
    1. HVAC VFD/InverterSTEP's air cooled VFD was particularly developed for HVAC industry. It adopts mature control technology, the ratio between voltage/frequency is automatically adjusted according to the motor load, thus greatly improving the efficiency of the system.

STEP is a company specialized in the fields of industrial automation, power transmission and motion control. We mainly manufacture a variety of low-voltage and medium-voltage VFDs, which can be widely used in various industrial and energy efficiency improvement projects, spanning across many industries such as elevator, port equipment, lifting equipment, rubber & plastic, mining, metallurgy, cement, renewable power generation (solar/wind), machine tools, packaging, and more.

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