Inverter Soft Cable

Main Parameters
Product Standard: Complies with GB/T12706-2002 and enterprise standard
Cable Specification: BP-VVRP: 450/750V 2.5-35mm2 (4 cores or 6 cores);
DWBP-YJERP  450/750V 2.5-35mm2(4 cores or 6 cores)
Conductor Class: Class 5
Conductor Material: Anaerobic soft copper wire (or tin soft copper wire)
Insulation Material: BP-VVRP: High quality lead free PVC soft insulation; DWBP-YJERP: Low smoke and halogen-free crosslinked polyolefin insulation material
Color of Insulation Core:
Unsymmetrical structure: red, yellow, green, yellow/green; or red, black, blue
Symmetrical structure: red, yellow, green or red, white, blue
Sheath Material: BP-VVR: High quality lead free and cold resistant PVC soft sheath material; DWBP-YJERP: Low smoke and halogen-free insulation polyolefin jacket material
Sheath Color: Black or gray
Burning Test: Conforms to the requirements for single cable vertical burning test specified by IEC60332-1.
DC Resistance of Conductor at 20°C: Complies with GB/T3956-1997 (IEC228)

Insulation Resistance at 70°C: Complies with GB/T12706-2002 and enterprise standard
Finished Product Voltage Withstand Test: 2.5KV (AC)/5min, no breakdown

Note: For soft cable with single section more than 10mm2, we suggest you choose symmetrical structure. Symmetrical structure inverter cable has low and uniform impedance thus can avoid interference of high order harmonic to nearby controller cable caused by frequency change of large power electricity transmission.
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