Frequency Inverter, AC Drive

    1. Energy Regenerator 1. Our energy regenerator adopts high speed DSP chips to monitor the power grid voltage. Thus this product is of high efficiency and has small feedback impact on the power grid. It is a product conforming to the national and industrial standards. 2. Phase amplitude control algorithm and PWM technology are employed in this energy regeneration device. 3. IGBT high-speed switch components ensure less switch loss and high operation efficiency. 4. The current fed back to the power grid comes with sine waveform and the current total harmonic distortion is less than 5%.
    1. Elevator Inverter AS320 elevator inverter is a kind of newly developed frequency inverter especially for elevators. It is designed with 32-bit MPU for motor driving, high performance complex programmable logic device (CPLD), and advanced power module. Meanwhile, the elevator inverter is designed based on international advanced closed loop vector control technology and supports various control modes including V/F control, sensorless vector control, and torque control modes. Integrating the characteristics of potential energy load, the elevator inverter allows elevators to operate efficiently, smoothly and steadily, and offers passengers a comfortable feeling.
    1. Escalator Integrated Drive and Controller As its name indicates, AS330 escalator integrated drive and controller is a combination of an escalator drive and an escalator controller. It comes with anti-interference capability and design exceeding the highest industrial design standard, and features compact structure, small size, few wire connection, and high reliability. It is also easy for operation and economical. With functions of both escalator controller and escalator drive, the escalator integrated drive and controller provides escalators very high safety standard, and meanwhile, it can also offers multiple escalator operation control functions to suit customers' demands.
    1. Elevator Integrated Drive and Controller While designing the AS380 elevator integrated drive and controller, a variety of factors, including elevators' safety and reliability, inherent characteristics of elevator operation, and potential energy load characteristic of elevators, are taken into consideration. Designed based on variable frequency speed regulation technology and elevator control technology, the elevator integrated drive and controller is an ideal combination of an elevator drive and an elevator controller. Its dual 32-bit embedded microprocessor unit allows it to complete both elevator operation and motor drive functions. The multiple elevator operation functions can satisfy customers' different application requirements.
    1. General Vector Inverter AS500 general vector inverter is a newly developed frequency inverter designed to satisfy market demands. It is designed based on international advanced speed sensorless vector control technology, closed loop vector control and torque control technology. The vector inverter offers not only superior control performance as high end frequency inverters, but also improved reliability and environmental adaptability, as it is designed and manufactured to satisfy customers' varied application requirements and various industrial demands.
    1. Integrated Elevator Control Cabinet a. This integrated elevator control case is designed with dual cooling systems and wide input voltage range. It also comes with high-precision current detection and protection device as well as comprehensive power supply protection device. In addition, this integrated elevator control cabinet is resistant to moisture and dust. b. Main cable is used to connect the main board and the drive to reduce errors. c. Our company has alaboratory approved by the CNAS and UL witness lab to ensure product quality. d. The components we use in our integrated elevator control box are from reliable component suppliers.

A frequency inverter or an AC drive is more commonly known as a variable frequency drive or simply VFD. It is a piece of electrical power control equipment designed based on inverter technology and microelectronic technology. The frequency inverter is designed to control an AC motor by controlling the motor's power frequency.

Our frequency inverter or AC drive is mainly composed of a rectifier, filter, inverter, braking unit, drive unit, detection unit and micro-processing unit. It provides water pump, elevator and other machinery with variety of protection functions, such as overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection and overload protection, etc.

As a specialized frequency inverter manufacturer and supplier in China, STEP provides a vast range of products, including energy regenerator, high voltage inverter, elevator inverter, full serial VVVF control cabinet, and more.

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