Integrated Pump VFD/Inverter

AS170 series variable frequency drive is a 400V (380V-460V) universal motor integrated VFD, which is suitable for three-phase AC asynchronous motors with capacity of 1.5-15kW. Through the redesign of the overall appearance and structure, the perfect match between motor and VFD is achieved. With the protection grade of IP55, this integrated VFD can be used in humid and dusty environments, and it simplifies the installation and commissioning, providing a new driving solution.

The water pump fitted with this integrated VFD is commonly used in secondary water supply, constant pressure water supply, irrigation, municipal water supply, sewage discharge, etc.


  • Intelligent, silent, efficient and reliable;
  • Special intelligent control technology, intelligent monitoring and mechanical life early warning;
  • Integrated vibration sensing, can set vibration alarm value and mechanical fault early warning;
  • Automatic ambient temperature sensing, alarm triggers when temperature is too low and anti freezing function automatically runs;
  • It supports maintenance without shutdown, and single-unit power-off maintenance will not affect the pump unit;
  • High efficiency and energy saving, high power factor, low input current, obvious reduction of power grid load pressure and significant reduction of line loss;


Stable operation: 45℃, heavy load
Model AS170 Rated input current (A) Rated output current (A) Applicable motor (kW) Overload 120%(1min) output current (A)
4T01P5 3.8 3.5 1.5 4.2
4T02P2 5.3 5 2.2 6
4T03P0 6.5 6 3.0 7.2
4T04P0 8.5 8 4.0 9.6
4T05P5 11.5 11 5.5 13.2
4T07P5 16 15 7.5 18
4T0011 21 20 11 24
4T0015 30.5 29 15 34.8
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