Integrated Elevator Control Cabinet

1. Economical

a. Our integrated elevator control cabinet is economical since it reduces the contactor, relays and cables used between the controller and the drive. It is also space-saving.
b. This integrated control box for elevator is compatible with customers' display boards.
c. UPS is used to achieve ARD function and lift the drive to light load direction with automatic control.

2. Easy Operation
a. No connection cable is needed between the main board and the VVVF system.
b. This integrated elevator control cabinet does not require motor auto-tuning and the operators can adjust floor landing with the 3-core push button.
c. Users can control the front door and the rear door just by setting a few parameters.

3. High Reliability
a. Thisintegrated elevator control case is designed with dual cooling systems and wide input voltage range. It also comes with high-precision current detection and protection device as well as comprehensive power supply protection device. In addition, this integrated elevator control cabinet is resistant to moisture and dust.
b. Main cable is used to connect the main board and the drive to reduce errors.
c. Our company has alaboratory approved by the CNAS and UL witness lab to ensure product quality.
d. The components we use in our integrated elevator control box are from reliable component suppliers.

Technical Parameters

Inverter model AS360- Rated capacity (kVA) Rated output current (A) Matching motor (kW)
4T02P2 4.7 6.2 2.2
4T03P7 6.9 9 3.7
4T05P5 8.5 13 5.5
4T07P5 14 18 7.5
4T0011 18 27 11
4T0015 24 34 15
4T18P5 29 41 18.5
4T0022 34 48 22
4T0030 50 65 30
Other products
    1. 32-Bit Standard Serial Main Controller Board
    2. 32-Bit Standard Serial Main Controller Board

      The main controller board is equipped with a 32-bit industrial ARM processor, and comes with dual-CPU to ensure improved system safety. It offers strong anti-interference and anti-static capabilities and passed the test for contact discharge up to 8000V. The 32-bit standard serial main controller board is manufactured according to EN81 and GB7588 safety rules, and is ideal for control of elevators in commercial buildings and residential buildings up to 64 floors. It helps ensure smooth, steady, accurate and comfortable elevator running. The maximum elevator speed is up to 4m/s.

    1. 32-bit Elevator Controller Board
    2. 32-bit Elevator Controller Board

      1. CAN Bus serial communication method is applied to our commercial elevator main controller board. 2. Analog speed presetting and multi speed presetting modes are available to our 32-bit elevator controller board. 3. This elevator controller panel is compatible with differential, open-collector and push-pull encoders. 4. Our product comes with duplex control and group control function, load weighing compensation function, elevator IC card management function, district monitoring function and remote monitoring function. 5. Our elevator control circuit board supports tri-car door opening and can be operated through the STEP standard hand-held operator. 6. The LCD display is able to show the status and parameter of the system as well as the real-time speed curve of the elevator.

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