Escalator Control System, Escalator Control Cabinet

    1. Escalator Control System Functions Our escalator control system is based on a high performance 16-bits industrial controller, and has great anti-electromagnetic interference and anti static capabilities. The escalator control system has a LCD control board, which can be used to set parameters for the system and show trouble codes. It is compatible with the STEP standard handle escalator controller. In addition, the escalator control system can be optionally equipped with failure monitoring system to improve the system safety.
    1. VVVF Escalator Control Cabinet 1. Equipped with self-developed ES.01 escalator controller and iAstar AS500 general inverter, the VVVF escalator control cabinet we offer allows the elevators to start smoothly and able to work under an energy saving mode. 2. Idle speed adjustment of the escalators can be achieved through this escalator control system. 3. Our escalator control box makes escalator operation easier since it is capable of achieving humanized functions such as error report, remote monitoring, I/O extension etc. It can also be operated through a handheld operator. 4. Designed with various kinds of protection functions, this VVVF escalator manipulating cabinet ensures safe and reliable escalator running.
    1. Contactor Drive Escalator Control Cabinet 1. This contactor drive escalator control cabinet we produce is configured with STEP new generation ES.01 escalator controller which adopts star-delta starting mode. This advanced controller makes idle speed adjusting possible and allows the escalator to run under an energy saving mode. 2. Our contactor drive escalator control case offers multiple protection functions to guarantee the escalator runs more safely. In addition, this escalator manipulating device also supports various humanized functions including error report, handheld operator controlling, remote monitoring, I/O extension etc, making escalator operation more convenient.
    1. Integrated VVVF Escalator Control Cabinet 1. Our MCP-ESHC 500 integrated VVVF escalator control cabinet adopts iAstar AS330 integrated escalator drive controller. This roomless control box is able to achieve smooth start and idle speed adjustment of the escalator. 2. The bypass VVVF inverter is optional to be configured to this integrated control case to make the escalator switches from one operation mode to another more stably. At the same time, such configuration helps save energy to the largest degree. 3. Our escalator manipulating cabinet offers various protection functions as well as many other useful functions such as error display, remote monitoring, I/O extension, handheld operator controlling, etc. These functions guarantee the escalators run safely and stably.

Our escalator control system or escalator control cabinet is extensively used in new escalator installation and manufacturing, and old escalator upgrading fields. With variety of escalator control function, our escalator control system allows escalators to operate in variety of modes and offers variety of protection functions. Our VVVF and contactor drive escalator control cabinets include escalator control system, and are manufactured according to GB16899 safety standards.

We are an experienced escalator control system and escalator control cabinet manufacturer in China. We can also manufacture other related products such as escalator inverter, elevator control system, and elevator group control system, etc.

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