Remote Elevator Monitoring System

1. Our remote elevator monitoring system is configured with a 32-bit high performance industrial grade ARM controller.

2. It also designed with 4-way completely independent electric isolated CAN Bus port and 1-way independent electric isolated RS485 port. With the CAN Bus port, this elevator controlling system needs less communication cables and enjoys simple wiring.

3. Our remote elevator monitoring equipment is capable of resisting to electrostatic interference of 8000V and electromagnetic interference of 4000V.

1. This elevator supervising and controlling system supports multi-level authorized management modes set by intelligent computer software. This allows the operator to control and adjust the elevator in the monitoring room. Since this system is designed with real-time fault alarm and intelligent fault information reporting function, the operator will know the fault and its reasons at once when there is something wrong with the elevator. With strong monitoring capacity, this system is able to manage 100 sets of individual elevators at the same time.

2. Configured with GPRS port and BA port, GPRS remote monitoring function and intelligent building automation function are optional to our remote elevator management system. Other optional functions and configurations available to this remote elevator monitoring system include Internet remote monitoring and input port supporting intelligent estate security system and door security system.

Other products
    1. Full Serial DCVV Control Cabinet
    2. Full Serial DCVV Control Cabinet

      The electric drive uses a MENTOR II DCVV speed regulator produced by British CT, and there is no need for electric generator set. By changing the voltage on the brush of the motor, the motor speed can be modulated. Hence, an elevator controlled by the DCVV control cabinet offers a comfortable feeling, improved operation efficiency and reduced energy consumption. The full serial DCVV control cabinet uses an absorption circuit and a DC reactor to greatly reduce the operation noise. Our control cabinet is suitable for different kinds of DC elevators.

    1. Parallel Hydraulic Elevator Control Cabinet
    2. Parallel Hydraulic Elevator Control Cabinet

      Power requirement: 3 phase, AC380V-460V, 50/60Hz Power range: 5KW-75kW Maximum elevator speed: 1.0m/s Number of floors: 5 Hydro-cylinder applicable: MCP-PYGM, GMV; MCP-PYBL, Belling Main controller: SM-01-DPC Drive mode: Star Delta Starter Landing accuracy: ±5mm Performance standard: GB7588/EN-81 Safety standard: JG5071-1996 Room temperature: -10℃-45 ℃ Color: light grey (optional) Display mode: Seven segment code, BCD code, Gray code, Binary code Dimension (mm): 1300×750×280

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