Medium Voltage VFD/Inverter

ME800 series medium voltage variable frequency drive is a medium-voltage voltage-source inverter designed and manufactured by STEP Electric Corporation, which integrates world's advanced power electronic technology and vector control technology. The grid-side current harmonics can be suppressed through the phase-shifting rectifier transformer, realizing the voltage superposition by cascading of multi-level H-bridge power units, and achieving high-voltage sine wave output to directly drive high-voltage motor without any filter. The harmonic index meets the requirements of IEC STD 519-1992 (International Electrotechnical Commission) and GB / T 12668.4-2006 (National Standard) for grid harmonic.

STEP, a specialist manufacturer of MV VFD, has more than 25 years’ experience in providing high quality variable frequency drives for different applications. STEP ME800 series medium voltage drives are especially suited for power, chemical, oil, gas, rubber, cement industries. STEP's VFD is featured by high efficiency, energy saving, fast response and high reliability that can help customers add their value in the automation of the variety of industries.

    1. 3kV Medium Voltage VFD/Inverter3kV, up to 3150 kVA (2500kW);
      Vector control, low harmonic, reducing maintenance cost;
      No need to add output filter, no derating of the motor is required due to harmonic;
    1. 10kV Medium Voltage VFD/Inverter10 kV, up to 16,000 kVA (12,500 kW);
      Multilevel PWM control mode provides sine wave current output;
      The common mode voltage and dU/dt are small, and there are no special requirements for motors and cables;

1. High flexibility of terminal expansion, without the need for PLC The digital / analog input and output terminals can be configured flexibly according to user's requirements. Users only need to perform corresponding parameter settings, without the need for a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).
2. Speed Search / Flying Start
Speed search, also known as flying start, allows the frequency converter to sweep down from the highest frequency to find the matched motor speed and use this value as the starting point for motor control.
3. Power Off and Endurance
The medium-voltage VFD will continue operating for 2 seconds when instantaneous power failure occurs, and resume the normal operation if the power is restored within 2 seconds.
4. Soft Start
This is a function using one VFD to start multiple motors in a series, featuring precise phase and frequency locking. The maximum starting current is as much as twice the rated current of motor, the switching time is less than 1 second.
5. Operator Interface
Up to 10000 faults can be stored in the menu of history fault. It can automatically record every 20 hours or when fault log is cleared.
It supports data and fault recording, and U disk readout.

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Electric Power Industry

Configuration: AS800 series medium voltage VFD (13 units)

Configuration: AS800 series medium voltage VFD (6 units)

Chemical Industry

Configuration: AS800 series medium voltage VFD (14 units)
Loads: induced draft fan 560kW (9 units), primary air fan 900kW (3 units), coal mill fan 1600kW (2 units)
Commissioning date: 2012.09.27

Coal Mining Industry

Loads: counter-rotating fan 400kW
Commissioning date: 2011.11.15

Loads: belt conveyor 1250kW
Commissioning date: 2020.02.01

Steel Industry

Loads: steel rolling mill 6.6kV 1600kW
Commissioning time: 2019.01

Configuration: AS800 series medium voltage VFD (over 20 units)
Loads: dust collector fan
Commissioning period: 2014-2019

Loads: fan
Commissioning time: 2018.12
Max. power: 10kV 4000kW

Sugar Industry

Loads: sugar mill machinery
Power: 800kW/1800kW
Commissioning time: 2018.12
Control: closed-loop vector control

Water Treatment Industry

Loads: water pump
Commissioning time: 2015.4

Configuration: AS800 series medium voltage VFD (over 20 units)
Loads: water pump 450kW/2240kW
Commissioning period: 2013-2016

Cement Industry

Loads: fan
Power: 560kW-3300kW/6.6kV
Commissioning time: 2018.7

HVAC Industry

Power: 710kW
Commissioning time: 2020.4

Loads: air conditioner
Power: 1250kW
Commissioning time: 2014.6

Other Applications

Loads: pump test facility 4000kW
Commissioning date: 2013.2.25
Loads: pump test facility 12000kW
Commissioning date: 2014.6.20

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