Robotic Bending System

SR60-90/2280B robotic bending system is specially designed with high speed, assuring fast and stable bending performance. 60kg/90kg load-weight options are supported, maximum working radius is up to 2,281mm, granting wide application range for the robotic bending system.

1) High-precision
±0.1mm repositioning accuracy.

2) Highly configured
Essential parts are imported, reliable and stable.

3) Fast
15% faster in joint motion for bending works;
Optimized bending trajectory, material flipping function, improved workstation efficiency.

4)Brand new structure
Modular design, forearm length (X) /big arm length (Y) ratio specially adjusted for bending processes;
Extra palletizing height (H) is supported.


Model SR60/2280B SR90/2280B
Max. working radius 2281mm 2281mm
Repositioning accuracy ±0.1mm ±0.1mm
Payload 55kg 90kg
Degree of freedom quantity 6 6
Max. angular velocity of each axis (°/s) J1 150 125
J2 150 105
J3 150 125
J4 215 215
J5 190 165
J6 280 230
Joint motion range (°) J1 ±180 ±180
J2 +135~-126 +135~-126
J3 +55~-230 +55~-230
J4 ±180 ±180
J5 ±120 ±120
J6 ±360 ±360
Allowable static load torque of wrist J4 229Nm 321Nm
J5 229Nm 321Nm
J6 136Nm 165Nm
Allowable load inertia of wrist J4 32kg·m2 52kg·m2
J5 32kg·m2 52kg·m2
J6 28kg·m2 45kg·m2
Mounting positions Regular-mounting Regular-mounting

Software Package for Bending
1) Good compatibility
Matched with mainstream systems Delem, Cybelec and Esa;
Supporting both common IO and bus IO communication modes.

2) User-friendly operation interface
All the configuration parameters displayed in one screen, easy and fast to switch;
3 points in the teach pendant to generate a bending coordinate system, easy to operate;
One-step motion command insert.

3) Coding statements for bending
Coding statements for automatic following and correcting:
'Bendtuning' for automatic workpiece correcting, used for ensuring positioning accuracy.
'Bendtrack_IO' for automatic following position calculation without teaching.

SRC 2.7 control system
1) Bountiful versions for robots with different payloads and applications.
2) Integrated robot control, motion control, PLC control and safety control. Smart, flexible and safe.
3) Various external interface functions, supporting multiple fieldbus up to industrial standards. Efficient and convenient automation expansion.
4) Brand-new modular design, improved cost-effectiveness and user-friendliness, convenient operation and maintenance, lower costs on product upgrading and integrating.


Model SRC2.7C SRC2.7S SRC2.6F
Name Compact control cabinet Small control cabinet Additional-axis control cabinet
Applicable robot SD series SA, SD series SA, SD, SR series
Dimension W*L*H (mm) 460x395x200 500x515x545 500x515x600
Protection level IP20 (IP54 optional) IP54 IP54
Power source AC200V~AC240V 50/60HZ AC200V~AC240V 50/60HZ AC3×360V~3×440V 50/60HZ
Axis quantity Up to 7 Up to 8 Up to 3
IO 16DI/16DO 16DI/16DO
Other interfaces SB3.0/USB2.0/RS232/RS485/Ethercat/Canopen
Fieldbus ProfiBUS/Profinet/CANopen/Modbus/DeviceNet/EtherCAT/EtherNet/IP
Environment Temperature 0~40℃, humidity 45~80% RH
Weight (kg) 25 45 50
Additional axis Power: less than 1×750W Voltage scale: ~200V Power: less than 2×1.5KW Voltage scale: ~200V Power: less than 3×6.5KW Voltage scale: ~200V, ~400V

1) High-resolution HMI
Dual-core ARM Cortex A9 processor, smooth display and operation;
Novel and compact design;
1024 x 768 high resolution;
IP65 high-level protection.

2) Powerful algorithm
Self-adaptive acceleration and deceleration of inertia;
Collision detection;
Vibration suppression to minimize running robot shaking during running.

3) Stable servo drive control system
STEP’s fully self-developed servo system;
Self-tuning of servo parameters.

4) Extra expansions

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