Elevator Group Control System

    1. Standard Elevator Group Control System The elevator group control system is designed based on centralized group control technology. A group controller is used to realize the registration and the allocation of the hall call. CAN-Bus serial communication between the group controller and the elevator's main controller ensures high speed and reliable transmission of massive data. A group controller board mounted with LED indicators, allows us to monitor the communication effectiveness between the group controller and the elevator's main controller, as well as the connection of the input ports. The elevator group control system can manage a maximum of 8 elevators and 48 landings, allowing a wide range of applications.
    1. Elevator Destination Dispatch System a. The up peak mode can be set according to time. You can set each day's initial time and end time for up peak mode within a week. b. The up peak mode is also able to be triggered by a switch. The elevator will enter up peak mode after the up peak service switch is on under any condition. c. Up peak mode will be intelligently identified when all elevators in a group are running and quantity of registered floor call departing from the lobby exceeds the preset value.

Our company provides a variety of indicator board which mainly classified into serial indicator board and parallel indicator board. The available colors of the serial indicator boards are red, orange, blue, etc. The indicator board has a scrolling display function, which will show the current floor and direction, as well as the elevator status such as overload, full load, inspection mode, etc.

STEP is a specialized indicator board, calling board manufacturer in China. We also provide elevator main controller board, elevator group control system, elevator inverter, full serial VVVF control cabinet, and more.

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