Servo Systems (Servo Motor & Servo Drive)

    1. Economic Servo System - STEPK1 series servo drive comes with outstanding features in terms of intelligent control, stability and operation.
      Powerful internal position control mode allows for continuous multi-path planning for rich motion control; supports up to 32 data sets for planning...
    1. High Performance Servo System - SIGRINERAC servo drive features high performance, multifunction, and modular construction. This servo drive is equipped with the black box self-diagnosis system, ensuring the status of the machine can be delivered to the user in a real-time manner.
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Customization and Solution

STEP Motion Control BU is capable of providing integrated automation control solutions based on our advanced drive control technology to meet the application needs in different industries.

Main industries include:

  • Lithium industry
  • CNC machine tools
  • 3C industry
  • Glass panel processing
  • Photovoltaic industry
  • Dispensing machine
  • Cutting equipment
  • Packaging machinery
  • Textile machinery
Application Examples
Ω6 series servo system used in semiconductor equipment
STEP servo system used in PVC patch making machine

CNC machine tools

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