Robotic Welding System

SA series robotic welding system features compact size and light weight, offering stable and high-precision performance, which is an ideal choice for arc welding jobs. The robot performs arc welding with highly accurate welding path and short welding cycle time in a stable manner, thus extending lifetime of process tubes and cables. With compact size, the robotic welding system can be deployed flexibly, with which welding jobs can be done in narrow environments. With convenient installation, the industrial robot can be floor-mounted, invert-mounted or wall-mounted in any angle.

1) User friendly
Easy to install and learn;
Easy to maintain and operate.

2) Fast and accurate
±0.1mm repositioning accuracy, 15% faster in joint motion;
Essential parts are imported;
Self awareness, load identification, vibration control and variable inertia functions.

3) Quality assurance
Our products are:
CR certified;
EMC tested.

4) Open platform
Self-developed control system and servo drive system by STEP, fast updates;
Codesys platform with customization support.

5) Premium services
Fast-response and all-round services;
Customizable solutions by professional and tech savvy team.


Model SA6/1400H SA6/1400 SA8/1800
Max. working radius 1445mm 1405mm 1818mm
Repositioning accuracy ±0.05mm ±0.05mm ±0.05mm
Payload 6kg 6kg 8kg
Degree of freedom 6 6 6
Max. angular velocity of each axis (°/s) J1 220 180 150
J2 220 180 150
J3 250 200 160
J4 430 450 360
J5 400 320 320
J6 600 450 360
Joint motion range (°) J1 ±165 ±165 ±165
J2 155~90 155~90 155~90
J3 Handling: 70~-180 Welding: 70~-90" 70~200 80~190
J4 ±170 ±170 ±185
J5 ±130 ±120 ±120
J6 Handling: ±360 Welding: ±220" ±360 ±360
Allowable static load torque of wrist J4 11.8Nm 11.8Nm 22Nm
J5 9.8Nm 9.8Nm 16.5Nm
J6 4.2Nm 5.9Nm 6.7Nm
Allowable load inertia of wrist J4 0.6kg·m2 0.6kg·m2 0.75kg·m2
J5 0.25kg·m2 0.25kg·m2 0.35kg·m2
J6 0.06kg·m2 0.06kg·m2 0.1kg·m2
Mounting position Floor-mounting, invert-mounting, wall-mounting Floor-mounting, invert-mounting, wall-mounting Floor-mounting, invert-mounting, wall-mounting

Software Package for Arc Welding
1) Essential package: general welding conditions
5 weave bead welding forms are supported;
Canopen/Ethercat supported;
Tack welding and intermittent welding functions;
Welding failure real-time monitoring;
Welding parameter real-time monitoring and online adjusting.

2) High voltage locating package: automatic weld seam identifying and compensating
Up to 200V locating voltage, precision-speed balanced;
Up to 0.25mm locating precision;
Single point locating within 1-2s;
Various locating techniques, 1D/2D/3D/6D included;
Automatic calculation of weld seam status.

3) Arc welding tracking package: external-device-free real time correcting
No need for external devices;
Correcting of up to 17° weld seam deviation;
3mm+ plates supported for welding, tracking function supported with 110A+ current;
Lengthways tracking function to ensure electrode extension;
Self-adaptive tracing algorithm, easy debug and maintenance.

4) Spot laser locating package: multi-purpose spot laser locating algorithm
All types of welding wire locating functions are supported;
Touch free, cutting free;
Edge search function for workpiece locating;
Arbitrary space/direction/curved surface;
Parameterized programming interface available.

5) Additional axis coordination package: external axis coordination based on EtherCat
Up to 2.5KHz servo response rate;
Integrated host system DriveMonitor;
Wide range of additional axis options;
High-precision 4 point calibration for additional axis.

6) Laser tracking package: laser tracking by line-scanning
One-key configuration;
Various weld seam types supported;
Real-time tracking in welding process;
Groove position, shape, width, etc. identifying.

7) Various bus interfaces

Other products
    1. Robotic Palletizing System

      SP series robotic palletizing system is designed with 4-axis, featuring simple structure, and low failure rate. With novel technology and outstanding design, the robot system is granted good user-friendliness, low energy consumption and low area occupation.

    1. Robotic Loading and Unloading System

      SR series robotic loading and unloading system features compact structure and stable performance. With high-precision reducer equipped in all joints, the rotating arm is allowed to perform flexible and fast works within limited space.

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