Robotic Loading and Unloading System

SR series robotic loading and unloading system features compact structure and stable performance. With high-precision reducer equipped in all joints, the rotating arm is allowed to perform flexible and fast works within limited space. The SR series robotic system can be mounted flexibly, to perform works including handling, palletizing, assembly etc.

1) User friendly
Easy to install, easy to learn;
Easy to maintain, easy to operate.

2) Fast and accurate
±0.1mm repositioning accuracy, 15% faster in joint motion;
Essential parts are imported;

3) Quality assurance
Our products are:
CR certified;
EMC tested.

4) Open platform
Self-developed control system and servo drive system by STEP, fast updates;
Codesys platform with customization support.

5) Premium services
Fast-response and all-round services;
Customizable solutions by professional and tech savvy team.


Model SR20/1700 SR50/2180
Max. working radius 1718mm 2180.5mm
Repositioning accuracy 0.05mm 0.1mm
Payload 20kg 50kg
Degree of freedom quantity 6 6
Max. angular velocity of each axis (°/s) J1 170 140
J2 170 120
J3 170 120
J4 360 220
J5 360 220
J6 600 320
Joint motion range (°) J1 ±165 ±160
J2 155~-90 +130~-60
J3 75~-200 +75~-195
J4 ±185 ±185
J5 ±120 ±120
J6 ±360 ±360
Mounting position Floor-mounting, invert-mounting, wall-mounting Floor-mounting

Additional Functions
1) Collision detection function
External-sensor-free collision detection and protection, able for reducing robot and peripheral equipment loss, suitable for assembling, loading, unloading and other applications in which robot may be in contact with surrounding environment;
User-friendly configuration interface with two detection methods supported: current and dynamics. Easy operation by following commands:
'Collison Detect Open-' to open collision detection;
'Collison Detect Close-' to close collision detection.

2) Soft float function
When the robot is in contact with external environment or needed to comply with external forces (during loading and unloading, die-casting, etc.), enable soft float function to prevent squeezing between the robot and the workbench, which is problematic or even damaging. Configurations in Cartesian space and joint space are supported.

Other products
    1. Robotic Bending System

      SR60-90/2280B robotic bending system is specially designed with high speed, assuring fast and stable bending performance. 60kg/90kg load-weight options are supported, maximum working radius is up to 2,281mm, granting wide application range for the robotic bending system.

    1. SCARA Robots

      STEP has been developing and manufacturing SCARA robots for decades, our SCARA robots are widely applied in industries including 3C electronics, home appliances, auto parts, medical devices, etc.

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