Robotic Palletizing System

SP series robotic palletizing system is designed with 4-axis, featuring simple structure, and low failure rate. With novel technology and outstanding design, the robot system is granted good user-friendliness, low energy consumption and low area occupation. Large payload capability makes it easy for material handling and carrying, the robotic palletizing system is thus suitable for working situations with heavy load and large scale.

1) Fast palletizing rate
STEP SP120/2400 robotic palletizing system handles up to 1,200 packs/h in palletizing, this performance is on par with world’s state-of-the-art devices. With good stability and fast palletizing rate, the robotic system is an ideal choice for palletizing as labor cost increases.

2) Up-to-date hardware
With STEP’s up-to-date SRC2.7 control system and brand-new SRE1040 controller motherboard, the robot control is granted with high processing speed and an open platform. The control cabinet is designed with IP53 protection, thus works well in a highly dusty environment.

3) Advanced technologies
Attributed to STEP’s novel flexible dynamics algorithm, the robotic system runs 25 faster. Running noise and temperature rise is significantly controlled with STEP’s trajectory optimizing and online real-time planning techniques, the robot therefore performs palletizing work in a highly stable manner, a better durability is assured as well.

4) Easy to use
Essential and advanced software packages are offered as options in the robotic palletizing system, along with graphic user interface, which is easy to use. A self-developed visual software for operation-assist is equipped, in order to help guide users through palletizing and depalletizing processes.


Model SP120/2400 SP180/3200
Max. working radius 2403mm 3238mm
Rated wrist payload 120kg 180kg
Degree of freedom quantity 4 4
Max. joint angular velocity (°/s) J1 145 140
J2 110 80
J3 120 120
J4 400 340
Joint motion range (°) J1 ±165° ±170°
J2 -40°~+85° -43°~+88°
J3 -65°~+65° -65°~+75°
J4 ±360° ±360°
Allowable joint load inertia J4 54kg·m2 70kg·m2
Repositioning accuracy ±0.2mm ±0.2mm
Vibration intensity 4.9m/s2 or less

Software Package for Arc Welding
1) Robotic palletizing software
2 versions of robotic palletizing software package are optional: essential and advanced. Essential version offers common stack shape set-ups, which can be used by one-click operation; Advanced version offers bountiful self-defined options, suitable for highly-customized requirements. Besides, palletizing variables can be monitored and set-up on PLC. Palletizing software interface as shown:

2) Operation-assist visual software
STEP’s self-developed operation-assist visual software is suitable for disarranged depalletizing, main functions include: communication connection, camera calibration, image setting and depalletizing setting. Software interface is as shown below on the left. To adapt visual application better, TCP/IP communication configuration window is embedded to the teach pendant, thus flexible communication management, protocol setting, communication test and communication monitoring are supported. Software interface is shown below on the right.

Other products
    1. Robotic Loading and Unloading System

      SR series robotic loading and unloading system features compact structure and stable performance. With high-precision reducer equipped in all joints, the rotating arm is allowed to perform flexible and fast works within limited space.

    1. Robotic Bending System

      SR60-90/2280B robotic bending system is specially designed with high speed, assuring fast and stable bending performance. 60kg/90kg load-weight options are supported, maximum working radius is up to 2,281mm, granting wide application range for the robotic bending system.

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