Air Cooled VFD Cabinet, AS700

STEP's air cooled VFD was particularly developed for HVAC industry. It adopts mature control technology, the ratio between voltage/frequency is automatically adjusted according to the motor load, thus greatly improving the efficiency of the system. A good heat dissipation is kept by using air cooling method, efficiently lowering energy consumption.


  • Special air duct design
    The air duct is specially designed with higher power density, which can be easily installed.
  • High operating temperature, longer device life
    It is able to operate at 42℃ without derating, and it can still run at the maximum ambient temperature of 55℃ with derating.
  • Flexible and customized design
    Customized design (installation mode, protection grade, cabinet color, control loop function, etc.) can be realized according to different customer needs.
  • Integrating a variety of software functions required by HVAC industry
    Segmented acceleration and deceleration, overcurrent frequency reduction, frequency hopping function, hardware shutdown (some power segments are optional).
  • Adapting to high temperature and humidity environment in HVAC industry
    1) 3C3 circuit board coating
    2) IP44 protection grade (outdoor use requirements can be customized)
    3) 250-hour salt spray test

----for construction machinery and heavy industrial applications, overload 150% capacity
Metal processing machinery: pipe expander machine, metal stamping machine, forging press, milling machine
Construction machinery: concrete mixer, block making machine
Mining machinery: mine hoist system, ball mill
Storage and handling equipment: three-dimensional warehouse, belt conveyor
Petrochemical: pumping unit
Permanent magnet synchronous applications: compressor, food extruder


Model Power (kW) Rated current (A) Overcurrent (1.1time) (1min/10min) Cabinet size (W*H*D)(mm)
AS700 21 0296 T04 160 296 326 1150*1200*400
AS700 21 0360 T04 185 360 396
AS700 21 0415 T04 200 415 457 1350*1200*400
AS700 21 0470 T04 250 470 517
AS700 21 0520 T04 280 520 572
AS700 21 0605 T04 315 605A 666 1450*1200*400
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