32-Bit Standard Serial Main Controller Board

The main controller board is equipped with a 32-bit industrial ARM processor, and comes with dual-CPU to ensure improved system safety. It offers strong anti-interference and anti-static capabilities and passed the test for contact discharge up to 8000V. The 32-bit standard serial main controller board is manufactured according to EN81 and GB7588 safety rules, and is ideal for control of elevators in commercial buildings and residential buildings up to 64 floors. It helps ensure smooth, steady, accurate and comfortable elevator running. The maximum elevator speed is up to 4m/s.

The serial main controller board supports CAN bus communication and hence supports weight compensation system with CAN bus interface. STEP handheld elevator controller can also be connected to the main controller board. The main controller board also supports functions such as remote monitoring, elevator car performance test, and control of both asynchronous and synchronous traction motor. And it is compatible with encoders with differential, open collector, or pull-push outputs. It can keep maximally 20 historic records for elevator failures.

With IC card intelligent managejment function, the main controller board can be integrated into a Building Management System for building security monitoring use. It also supports remote monitoring function. With isolated CAN transceiver, the main controller board offers reduced electromagnetic interference susceptibility while being used for building security monitoring system.

Characteristic of 32-bit Standard Serial Main Controller Board
1. 32-bit high-performance industrial class ARM controller
2. Wide voltage range from DC20V to DC28V
3. Safety chain and door-lock checking function
4. District monitoring through isolated CAN, strong anti-interference performance
5. Powerful electromagnetic anti-interference ability (EFT- 4000V)
6. Optimal electrostatic anti-interference ability (ESD 8000V)
7. EN81 and GB7588 compliant, CE and CSA certified

1. The 32-bit standard serial main controller board is suitable for commercial elevator, residential lift, hospital elevator, and sightseeing elevator.
2. The elevator speed can be 0.63-4m/s.
3. Applicable for the building up to 64 floors
4. This product is suitable for synchronous gearless and asynchronous geared traction machine.
5. CAN Bus serial communication mode
6. Analog speed control and multiple given speeds
7. Compatible with different, open-collector and push-pull encoders
8. Dual and group control function available
9. Load-weighing compensation function
10. Elevator IC card management function
11. District monitoring and remote monitoring
12. Applicable for our STEP standard hand-held elevator controller
13. Elevator fault recording function is available with this 32-bit standard serial main controller board.
14. Compliant with EN81 and GB7588, CE and CSA certified

Standard Functions Offered by the 32-Bit Standard Serial Main Controller Board

Serial number Standard functions
1 Full collective control
2 Inspection mode
3 Low speed rescue operation
4 Testing mode
5 Timer control
6 Automatic control on door-opening time
7 Door open at current floor
8 Close the door in advance by door-closing button
9 Open the door by door-opening button
10 Door re-open
11 Landing at another destination
12 Manual call cancellation
13 Automatic call cancellation (when elevator operated in reversed direction)
14 Direct landing
15 Full load bypass (ignore car calls in full load condition)
16 Car light and ventilation fan shut off automatically (when elevator is standby)
17 Automatic return to the lowest floor
18 LCD operation interface
19 Analog speed control
20 Digital speed control
21 Failure record
22 Self-learning of hoistway parameters
23 Service floor setting
24 Setting of the displaying characteristics
25 Attendant travel
26 Independent travel
27 Dot matrix floor display
28 Travel-direction scrolling display
29 Automatic correction for landing position signals
30 Elevator locking
31 Door-open protection (when elevator is not in landing area)
32 Light curtain protection (to ensure the safety of passengers and their belongs during door-closing process)
33 Overload protection
34 Anti-nuisance
35 Protection from running in reversed direction
36 Protection from rope slipping
37 Protection from car sliding
38 Protection from car overrun
39 Contactor's contact safety protection (to make sure the contactors work safely)
40 Speed regulator failure protection
41 WDT protection

Optional Functions Offered by the 32-Bit Standard Serial Main Controller Board

Series number Optional functions Remark
1 Advanced door opening With SM-11-A board
2 Re-leveling with door open With SM-11-A board
3 Fire emergency return
4 Fireman operation
5 Operation by auxiliary car operation panel
6 Operation by rear door car operation panel
7 Operation by handicapped car operation panel
8 Duplex control
9 Group control
10 Up peak control
11 Down peak control
12 Disperse external car hall
13 Building security monitoring
14 Remote monitoring
15 Arrival gong in the car
16 Arrival hall lantern
17 Arrival gong in the hall
18 Service floor control by IC card in the car
19 Service floor control by IC card in the hall
20 Independent control of front and rear doors
21 Enforced door closing
22 VIP priority service
23 Service floor control by password
24 Service-floor switch via control button (single elevator control)
25 Service-floor switch via control button (group control)
26 Non-service floor setting through car operation panel
27 Emergency landing when power off
28 Emergency power operation
29 Earthquake operation
30 Voice announcer

We are a 32-bit standard serial main controller board manufacturer, based in China. We also provide elevator group control system, contactor drive escalator control cabinet, harbor crane 4-quadrant inverter, and more.

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      1. CAN Bus serial communication method is applied to our commercial elevator main controller board. 2. Analog speed presetting and multi speed presetting modes are available to our 32-bit elevator controller board. 3. This elevator controller panel is compatible with differential, open-collector and push-pull encoders. 4. Our product comes with duplex control and group control function, load weighing compensation function, elevator IC card management function, district monitoring function and remote monitoring function. 5. Our elevator control circuit board supports tri-car door opening and can be operated through the STEP standard hand-held operator. 6. The LCD display is able to show the status and parameter of the system as well as the real-time speed curve of the elevator.

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