32-bit Elevator Controller Board

This 32-bit elevator controller board can be used in commercial elevator, residential elevator, hospital elevator and tourist elevator with speed of 0.63-4m/s and maximum 64 stops. It is suited for both synchronous gearless and asynchronous geared traction elevators.

1. CAN Bus serial communication method is applied to our commercial elevator main controller board.

2. Analog speed presetting and multi speed presetting modes are available to our 32-bit elevator controller board.

3. This elevator controller panel is compatible with differential, open-collector and push-pull encoders.

4. Our product comes with duplex control and group control function, load weighing compensation function, elevator IC card management function, district monitoring function and remote monitoring function.

5. Our elevator control circuit board supports tri-car door opening and can be operated through the STEP standard hand-held operator.

6. The LCD display is able to show the status and parameter of the system as well as the real-time speed curve of the elevator.

7. Twenty pieces of fault records can be saved in this elevator controller device.

8. Our product complies with the EN81 and GB7588 standards and passes the CE, CSA and TUV certifications.
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      The 32-bit high performance serial main controller board is manufactured in accordance with EN81 and GB7588 safety standards, and is ideal for control of commercial elevator and residential elevators. It allows elevators to operate at a maximally speed of 6.3m/s among 64 floors. With a LCD operation panel, the 32-bit serial main controller board can show the system status and parameters and offer real-time display of elevator operation curve. In addition, it can be used to control elevators with three doors, and supports control of elevators driven by either asynchronous motor or synchronous motor.

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