Dot-matrix LCD Elevator Calling / Indicator Board

1. Our dot-matrix LCD elevator calling & indicator board adopts a 16-bit high performance industrial grade CPU.
2. It is equipped with a 320×240 dot matrix display which is able to display rich contents clearly and softly. The display area is in the size of 115mm×86mm and users can define the welcome messages displayed on the board freely.
3. Three kinds of display color patterns are available to this elevator indicator panel. They are respectively white words in blue background, white words in black background and yellow words in black background.

1. Thedot-matrix LCD elevator calling & indicator board we offer is capable of indicating the running direction and floor number of the elevator. It can also show the running status of the elevator such as overload, full-load, fire service, inspecting, attendant etc. in Chinese or English. Time and date can be displayed on this LCD indicator plate through manual setting.

2. This product also comes with the elevator calling and locking functions.

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