Escalator Control System Functions

Our escalator control system is based on a high performance 16-bits industrial controller, and has great anti-electromagnetic interference and anti static capabilities. The escalator control system has a LCD control board, which can be used to set parameters for the system and show trouble codes. It is compatible with the STEP standard handle escalator controller. In addition, the escalator control system can be optionally equipped with failure monitoring system to improve the system safety.

Function List of the Escalator Control System

Function type Function Function description MCP-ESHC 400 MCP-ESHC 300
Control functions On/Off control Turning on or off the escalator is enabled both on the upper and lower entrance of the escalator Available
Directional control It is free to set the running direction of the escalator.
Running direction display An indicator at the entrance of the escalator is available to show the elevator running direction
Photoelectric input setting It is free to set the photoelectric input detection mode, that is, you can set normally-closed or normally-open mode.
Convenient LCD control board The LCD control board not only can display speed, direction, and other status of the escalator, but also can set parameters of the escalator and monitor working errors.
Inspection control Escalator inspection control can be operated through the inspection handle
Energy-saving mode In case no passenger approaches the escalator within a presetting period, the escalator will slow down or stop in order to save energy. The escalator entrances should be installed with photoelectric detectors. Available Unavailable
Soft braking In case no passenger approach the escalator within a presetting period and the escalator speed reduces to0.2m/s or below, the brake system will operate. This braking method can reduce the wearing of the brake device. Available Unavailable
Emergency braking For super high-rise escalators, the emergency brake will work when there is over speed running, reversed direction running, drive-chain broken or unexpected escalator slipping. Available
Auto-lubrication User can setup the time interval between automatic lubrications, and also the consecutive time period in each lubrication.
Protection against reversed direction entry When the escalator is in energy saving mode, if passengers approach in a direction opposite to the escalator running direction, the escalator will alarm the buzzer immediately to alert the passenger. When there is no passenger approaching the escalator after the presetting period, the escalator will return to energy saving mode
Protection Leakage protection Protection in case of overload, short circuit and electric shock.
Phase-loss and phase-reversal protection The escalator will stop automatically in phase loss or phase reversal conditions
Electric circuit and power supply protection Automatic circuit breaker is supplied in order to protect the electric circuit and power supply of the escalator.
Unexpected reversion protection The escalator will stop when unexpected reversion happens.
Emergency braking button Press the button to stop the escalator unconditionally.
Drive-chain protection The escalator will stop when the drive-chain is broken.
Current protection The escalator will stop when the current exceeds the rated current.
Braking button On both up and down entrance of the escalator, there are skirt panels. On the operation panel of both skirt panels there are braking buttons.
Step chain protection The escalator will stop when the step chain is broken.
Step protection The escalator will stop when the step is broken or deformed.
Upthrust of step protection The escalator will stop when something is gripped by steps.
Sagging of step protection The escalator will stop when the step roller is worn or foreign bodies being sandwiched between the rollers.
Skirt panel protection The escalator will stop when something is gripped between a step and the skirt panel.
Comb teeth protection The escalator will stop when something which may break the comb teeth is brought by steps.
Handrail entrance protection The escalator will stop when foreign bodies is trapped inside the handrail entrances.
Handrail broken protection The escalator will stop when the handrail is broken.
Repair protection The escalator is prohibited to start when inspection modes at upper and lower landing are actuated simultaneously.
Monitoring functions Protection against contactors being stuck Prohibit the escalator from operation when the operating contactor and the braking contactor are stuck
Brake switch monitoring Through the examination of the brake switch to determine whether the brake is normally open or released and to take corresponding measures.
Speed monitoring The escalator will stop when the escalator speed is over or under the rated speed.
Handrail speed monitoring The escalator will stop when the handrail speed is higher or lower than step speed.
Step monitoring The escalator will stop when the damage of the step is monitored.
Error display Automatic failure diagnosis function is available and the LCD display screen will display the details of the error.
Safety switch monitoring You can monitor all the safety switches' state and display them on the LCD display in order to make repair easy.
Group monitoring in monitoring centre The user can monitor the operation status of every escalator in the monitoring escalator group on the computer of the monitoring centre, and fault alarming is also possible. Optional
Remote monitoring The escalator operation status can be remote monitored through the use of telephone lines, and failure alarming function is available.
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