Contactor Drive Escalator Control Cabinet

1. This contactor drive escalator control cabinet we produce is configured with STEP new generation ES.01 escalator controller which adopts star-delta starting mode. This advanced controller makes idle speed adjusting possible and allows the escalator to run under an energy saving mode.

2. Our contactor drive escalator control case offers multiple protection functions to guarantee the escalator runs more safely. In addition, this escalator manipulating device also supports various humanized functions including error report, handheld operator controlling, remote monitoring, I/O extension etc, making escalator operation more convenient.

Technical Parameters
Power Supply: AC380V~460V, 50/60Hz, 3 phase
Power Range: 5.5kW~22kW
Main Controller: STEP ES.01/A
Driver: STEP AS500 general inverter
Safety Standard: GB16899/EN115
Environment Temperature:-10°C~ 45°C
Operation Mode: Star-Delta (Y-△) Start
Cabinet Color: Dark gray or customized
Standard Dimension of Contactor Drive Escalator Control Cabinet (mm): 800×500×250
IP Code: IP21

Interface Description
Power Interface: 16mm2 Crimp terminal
Adapted Motor: AC asynchronous motor
Brake Voltage: DC110/AC220V; Rated current ≤3A; Interface: 2.5mm2 crimp terminal
Light Voltage: AC220V
Cable Interface: 2.5mm2 crimp terminal

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