16-Bit Parallel Main Controller Board

The 16-bit parallel main controller board conforms to EN81 and GB7588 safety standards, and ideal for cargo lifts. It is designed with high performance industrial CPU and is characterized by strong anti-electromagnetic interference and anti-static capabilities. Terminals using pressure spring connection method make the wire connection of the parallel main controller board simple and easy.

The cargo lift main controller board supports variable frequency, dual-speed, and hydraulic elevator driven methods, and can offer the cargo lift with a maximum speed of 1.75m/s to maximally 15 floors. The same as other elevator main controller board, this one is also compatible with encoders with different outputs, like differential, open collector and pull-push outputs. Meanwhile, it also allows cargo lifts to operate in different speed sections, and support duplex control of two elevators.

Designed with a display screen, the 16-bit parallel main controller board can display the fault code. Also, it can keep 20 cargo lift failure records. These make cargo lift maintenance convenient. The elevator main controller board can also be connected to our standard handheld elevator operator.

1. Our 16-bit parallel main controller board is particularly suitable for goods elevator.
2. The maximum elevator speed can be 1.75m/s.
3. Applicable for building with 15 floors
4. VVVF available, two speed and hydraulic drive
5. Parallel signal input
6. Analog speed and sectionalized given speed
7. Compatible with different, open-collector, and push-pull types of encoders
8. Dual and group control function
9. District monitoring and remote monitoring
10. The fault code can be displayed through the fault indicator on the 16-bit parallel main controller board.
11. Suitable for STEP standard hand-held elevator controller
12. Up to 20 elevator fault records can be stored.
13. Compliant with EN81 and GB7588

STEP is a specialized 16-bit parallel main controller board manufacturer, based in China. We also offer integrated full serial VVVF control cabinet, parallel indicator board, high voltage inverter, servo drive, and much more.

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