Home Lift Controller Board

1. As its name suggests, this home lift controller board is specifically designed to be used in home lift. It is applicable for lift with maximum 5 stops and rated speed not exceeding 0.5m/s.

2. Our control circuit panel for home lift adopts hydraulic drive and supports parallel signal input.

3. This product is equipped with an operator on board and the operator is used for examining and adjusting the system status. In addition, our STEP standard hand-held operator is also suitable for this home lift controller panel.

4. Our home lift controller board is able to save 20 pieces of lift fault records.

5. This product has excellent ability to support extended functions and it is designed with CAN ports.

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      The car controller board has various signal outputs which enable it to offer various functions, including car arrival gong, car lighting control, car nudging, overload indicator, and buzzer alarming functions. Meanwhile, it comes with a voice announcer to remind passengers the arrivals. It supports at most 8 SM-03 car command boards to allow elevators to go up to maximally 64 floors. In addition, the car controller board has connection ports for door opening and closing buttons, and is designed with light curtain safety protection function and a safety touch panel switch.

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      1. This car command board shall be used together with car control board of SM-02 series. 2. One piece of SM-03-D series is suitable for the building with maximum 8 floors. 3. One piece of SM-03-E series is applicable for the building with maximum 16 floors. STEP is a China-based car command board manufacturer and supplier. Our company also provides integrated full serial VVVF control cabinet, serial calling board, elevator integrated drive and controller, elevator inverter, and much more.

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